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Mitsubishi CD5A Lancer GSR ECU Upgrade Chip EVO PARTS!

Mitsubishi CD5A Lancer GSR ECU Upgrade Chip EVO PARTS!

  • $12900

The Real Deal - Havok Engineering tuned ECU upgrade for the Mitsubishi CD5A Lancer GSR. Designed to fit in the factory ECU, these replace the stock chip with performance settings.


  • Tuned to use an EVO 1-3 Turbo, EVO "609" AFM and EVO 510cc Fuel Injectors.
  • Performance tuned fuel and ignition maps
  • The 180 km/h speed cut has been removed.
  • The rev limiter has been raised. This can be adjusted upon request.
  • The boost cut has been removed.
  • Tuned to run up to 18 psi.

This eprom chip has been tuned for a stock to mildly modded car. Ideally you will have:

  • Upgraded fuel pump.
  • Free flowing exhaust (Cat-Back is fine).
  • Free flowing intake system.
  • Boost controller capable of 18 psi (an external wastegate will work fine).


  • Eprom ECU. Please check this before purchase, as its impossible to fit if the ECU has no eprom.

 What to expect:

  • Increase in mid-range performance.

Whats included:

  • Performance tuned EEPROM chip.
  • Installation socket.


  • Soldering and desoldering is required for installation.

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