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Havok Engineering - Stage 3 R33 RB25DET ECU Upgrade Chip - FOR THE R33 ECU!!

  • $19900

The Real Deal - Havok Engineering tuned MCU upgrade for the Nissan Skyline R33 GTSt with an RB25DET. Designed to fit in the factory ECU, these replace the stock chip with performance settings. These are available in Automatic or Manual, and Series 1 or 2.

The major problem with the R33 Skyline's ECU is its inability to handle modifications to the motor. The ECU easily reverts to "Rich and Retard" (R&R) mode, killing power, and efficiency.


  • Tuned to run up to 18 psi on a TD06 or similar turbo.
  • Tuned for 550cc Nismo Fuel Injectors.
  • Tuned for a Z32 Orange Sticker Air Flow Meter (AFM)
  • Performance Tuned Fuel and Ignition Curves.
  • The 180 km/h speed cut has been removed.
  • The rev limiter has been raised to 7400 rpm. This can be adjusted upon request.
  • The boost cut has been removed.

Supported ECUs:

  • 23710-13U00
  • 23710-13U01
  • 23710-21U00
  • 23710-21U01
  • 23710-21U02
  • 23710-21U03
  • 23710-21U11
  • 23710-21U60
  • 23710-21U70

This eprom chip has been tuned for a relatively modded car. The following mods are required:

  • Upgraded fuel pump.
  • Free flowing exhaust (Cat-Back is fine).
  • Free flowing intake system.
  • Boost controller capable of 18 psi (an external wastegate will work fine).
  • TD06 or similar turbo
  • 550cc Injectors (This was mapped using Nismo injectors)
  • A Z32 Orange Sticker Air Flow Meter (AFM)

 What to expect:

  • Increase in mid-range performance.
  • Removed "finickiness" of the stock ECU.
  • Removed Flat-Spot that comes from fitting a front mounted intercooler.

Whats included:

  • Performance tuned MCU chip.
  • Installation socket.


  • Soldering and desoldering is required for installation.
  • These are surface mount chips, so require tools or skills to remove and resolder a surface mount application.

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