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Havok Engineering Nissan USB Consult Interface

  • $8900

The Real Deal - Havok Engineering Nissan USB Consult Adapter connects most Nissan cars with the 14 pin grey consult port to a laptop via the USB port (without the need for clunky USB / Serial adapters). 

This cable has a sturdy USB plastic connector that interfaces with the Nissan Consult diagnostic port, and it uses the genuine Nissan Consult connector which fits perfectly. They use an FTDI chip for USB compatibility. 

Once connected (and USB drivers are installed), and the car is on or running and your chosen software loaded, you can then 

- Diagnostic and data logging purposes 

- Check sensors are operating correctly (RPM, Speed, O2, Throttle, Battery, Timing, Air Flow, Duty Cycle, Water temperature, AAC) 

- Check / clear error codes 

- Temporarily adjust timing 

- Turn coil packs on and off to diagnose a miss-fire 

Now you can help diagnose problems with your car without going to the workshop. 

Suitable for most Nissan car models from 1989-2000 that have the 14 pin grey consult port 

R32 Skyline 
R33 Skyline 
R34 Skyline 
S13 Silvia / 180SX / 200SX (SR20 engines only, not CA18) 
S14 Silvia / 180SX / 200SX 
S15 Silvia / 180SX / 200SX 
Z32 300ZX 
N14 Pulsar (including GTiR) 
N15 Pulsar 
B13 NX Coupe 
K11 Micra 
U12 Pintara (KA24 only) 
U13 Bluebird 
A32 Maxima 
GQ Patrol 
GU Patrol 

What sets us apart from the others? 

1) The included software – hand-picked software that gives you maximum benefit and ease of use. 

2) We use these tools in our own shops and test benches, and know them VERY well. 

3) Great after sales support. 

What's included? 

1) USB Consult Adapter 

2) USB Cable 

3) Driver / Software CD (Digital download available)